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Animal World Experience

P.O. Box 754 Stoughton MA 02072 Phone: 781-436-5400

Animal Party, Balloon Twisting!

We offer fun, interactive, and educational traveling animal parties servicing all of Massachusetts and beyond.

You can even view the animals on our website and request which ones you would like for your party.  We always do our best to honor all animal requests and we can usually bring all/most of the animals you choose

We also offer parties at the Easton Children's Museum and Jam Time Indoor Playground (located in the Boston area).


PLEASE tell us you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com

Call 781-436-5400


Petting Programs

  • This program is perfect for youngsters under 5 years old and best for groups of 15 kids or less. 
  • We bring 5-6 of our most friendly and cuddly animals in this 45 minute program kids are sure to love. 
  • Children get to pet, hold and even feed the animals. 
  • You can even view the animals here on our website and request which ones you would like for your program. 
  • We always do our best to honor all animal requests and we can usually bring all/most of the animals you choose.


Combo Programs

  • This popular program is a combination of our educational program and our petting program. 
  • Approximately 45-60 minutes in length, it features 5-6 of our petting program animals plus 1 no-touch animal.
  • This program is best for up to 30 children, and we share amazing facts and stories while every child gets the opportunity to pet and hold our animals. 
  • You can even view the animals here on our website and request which ones you would like for your program. 
  • We always do our best to honor all animal requests and we can usually bring all/most of the animals you choose.


Balloon Animals Add-on

  • Now you can add the exciting element of balloon animals to your party! 
  • After the animal program ends, your animal presenter will make custom balloon creations for each child. 
  • Beginning with the birthday boy or girl, we ask each child what balloon animal they would like and in what color. 
  • The children then watch their animal being made right in front of them! 
  • These cute critters make awesome and memorable party favors!


Color Your Own T-Shirts Add-on

  • It's a fun craft and unique party favor all in one! 
  • We are proud to now offer T-shirts that kids can color themselves! 
  • We have had custom shirts made for us that say "I had a wild time with Animal World Experience" and have five different animals on them that kids will love to color as well!


Educational & Interactive Programs

Educational & Interactive Programs
Do your children love animals?  We bring live animals right into your home for a truly wild party!  These both educational and extremely interactive 45-60 minute programs are great for all ages and designed for groups up to 30 children.  Animals are shown one at a time and almost all of our animals can be petted and even held.

Variety Program
Meet a variety of exotic animals from around the world in our most popular program ever!  Children get to truly "experience" mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates like never before.  You can even view the animals here on our website and request which animals you would like for your program!  We always do our best to honor all animal requests and we can usually bring all/most of the animals you choose.

Dino Discovery

This one of a kind program is a blast from the prehistoric past!  Meet our most ancient animal friends in person and you even get to touch and hold real fossils that are millions of years old!

The Adoption Option
This program will warm your heart right from the start.  Meet some of our adopted animals while you hear their stories and learn why adoption is the best option.

Fantastic Furries
This is our all-furry animal program perfect for the furry fanatic!

Radical Reptiles
Experience reptiles like never before in this program great for junior reptile wranglers and adults alike!

Creepy Crawlies
Learn about all things that slither, creep and crawl!  This program includes plenty of reptiles, amphibians & bugs.

Rainforest Animals
Meet a menagerie of exotic animals that help to paint a unique picture of life in the rainforest.

Desert Animals
Learn about different desert animals as they all prove one thing: You've gotta be tough to survive in the desert!

Your Big Backyard

Right in your own backyard lies a secret world of animals that are seldom seen or heard.

Dependable Defenses
Meet interesting animals that defend themselves by showing their tongue, dropping their tail, vibrating, peeing and many more!

Sensational Senses
Find out how to expand your own senses by learning from our animal friends.

Locomotion Commotion
What's all the commotion?  Animals move in many different ways, and we'll explore how they slither, crawl, hop, climb and swim.

Amazing Adaptations
Meet amazing animals that can climb just like spider-man, survive sub-zero temperatures, use their tongue as a fishing lure and more!

The Scoop on Poop
Discover the wonderful world of poop like never before as you learn how to be a "Poop Detective" and you'll even get to meet some real-life super poopers!

Myths are for Monkeys
You'll have more fun than a barrel of monkeys as you learn the truth about common animal myths.

Winter Wonders
Ever wonder what animals do in the winter?  Join us as we explore the many ways that animals survive in, and thrive in the winter.  What you find out will shock and amaze you!

Water World
It's true; the world is mostly water, and us land dwellers sometimes have to find creative ways to get enough of it!

Home is Where the Heart is
From lizard lounges to millipede mansions, learn about a variety of different shelters animals build and use.  You will begin to understand the many ways in which they are similar to as well as differrent than our own homes.

It's Great to Communicate
Learn about the many unique ways that animals communicate with each other, as well as people.  You may come to realize that animals really do "talk", just a little differently than us.

Going Green in Your Backyard
Imagine if there was a way for your backyard to benefit wildlife while still being beautiful and functional to you.  There is!  In this intriguing and interactive program we discuss why animals have such a hard time surviving in the average backyard.  Kids will meet live animals that they may hope to encounter outside their home as we explore some of the many ways to help them.  Using 100% recycled materials; a volunteer from the audience will have the opportunity to help construct a simple birdhouse that they can bring home with them.  There will also be many other projects and ideas discussed that children can implement in their own yard.

Going Green Around the World
What in the world does helping animals have to do with Going Green?  Actually, more than you would expect!  In this program featuring live animals, we show kids how an ecosystem is made up of plants, animals and people that depend on each other for survival.  We then explain what happens when parts of an ecosystem are missing.  Members of the audience will be chosen to participate in an interactive game that teaches children how every plant, animal and person is important to the balance of nature.  As we show many of our exotic animals, we discuss how to help animals around the world which in turn also helps every plant or person.

Going Green with Your Pets
In this imaginative program, children will discover why it is better to "adopt" their pets rather than buy one or catch a wild animal from outdoors.  As always, we will showcase many of our own adopted and rescued animals of all kinds and volunteers from the audience will even get to pet or hold some of them.  We also teach kids how to make pet toys from recycled materials or common household items that are normally thrown in the trash. Several volunteers from the audience will then get to help make a toy out of recycled materials that they can bring home for their pet!

Global Safari
This program takes children and adults alike on a journey across the globe.  We will encounter several animals and discuss where they are native to and their importance to the culture.


Call 781-436-5400

PLEASE tell us you found us on BirthdayPartyWebsites.com!

Packages subject to change at any time.




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